Monday, October 8, 2018

Regatta Updates

Good job this weekend and thanks to everyone for your help running the regatta on Saturday.

Here is preliminary information for the next three weekends:

No regatta except for the Keelboat team (assuming they are granted a berth).  Wish Emma, Cedric, Casey and Natalie S luck.

Cascadia Cup at Sail Sand Point
Preliminary team going: 
Tor Olson, Skye Beardsley, Adam Visser, Bailey Logan, Margaret Burgess, Sedona webb, Fischer Brunzell, Talia Clarke, Alder MacGillivray, Wyatt Mantha, Forrest Rehberger, Jonas Klein, Maksim Scofidio, Michael Rogge, Ian Beatty, Dillon Baijot, Zane Hickman, Tristan Nienaber, Jack Knowles, Morgan Seestrom, Jacob Weston, Cole sokolik, Artemisia Wangler, Ceddy Keneipp, Sammy Farkas, Keenen Patterson, Max Case, Cole Zecha
We need housing for this regatta as the Waldorf School is not available.  If anyone knows a place in Seattle we can bring 30 people let me know.

OCT 27-28
Orcas Island Team Race
Preliminary team for sure going:  
Mira, Leila, Natalie S, Emma, Sedona, Max C, Cedric, Max S, Jack, Jonas, Sammy, Dillon, Jacob, Bailey, Casey, Artemisia, Nat, Cole S, Talia, Morgan, Tristan,
Alternates if space is available: 
Dylan, Zane B, Skye, Adam, Alder, Cole Z, Ella, Forrest, Ian, Keenen, Michael, Tor, Fischer, Wyatt, Zane H.
I should have a better idea of how many teams and sailors I can bring in about 1 week.
I am also looking for housing at this event if anyone knows a good option on Orcas Island. 

More details will come on these events. But until then, please review and let me know if anything has changed from your original regatta signup.


Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Regional Regatta this Weekend


This weekend our regatta is a one day regatta at Lakewood.  Please arrive at 8am. 

Here is the team: 

Alder, artemisia, augustus, bailey, casey, cedric, cole z, dillon, dylan, ella, emma, fischer, forrest, ian, jack, jacob, jonas, keenen, leila, max S, Max C, margaret, mike, mira, morgan, nat, sammy, sedona, talia, tor, tristan, wyatt, zane b, zane h.

Please bring a bailer!

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Friday, September 28, 2018

Boat Work

This weekend the WWU team is doing boat work both Saturday and Sunday from 1-4.  It would be good for our team to help them and also do some work on the BYC boats.  Please try to come down at least one of the days.  We will be doing fiberglass repairs, gelcoat work, general boat cleanup, etc.  It will be a good opportunity to learn how to work on boats.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Monday, September 24, 2018

Regatta Updates

Great job by everyone over the weekend.  Highlights: The Sehome girls placed 3rd at Girls Champs and Jack and Wyatt placed 2nd at DJOD beating most of the WWU sailing team!

This coming weekend is singlehanded (laser) champs down at the Gorge.  The team going is Mira, Jack, Natalie S, and Emma.  There were others signed up, so if you aren't on this list and really want to go lets talk tomorrow at practice.  Everyone else gets a weekend off!

The following weekend we host a one day regatta on Oct 6 for the North region.  I will need everyone to help at this one including a few parents to help with race committee, registration, logistics.  We will not need to house teams or provide food at this event.  More details to come.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Girls Regatta in Silverdale

There are two regattas this weekend, the Girls Champs in Silverdale and DJOD in Bellingham.  The DJOD Details will come in a separate email.

The team going this weekend is: Leila,Emma, Natalie S, Mira, Casey, Talia, Artemisia, Bailey, Skye, Ella, Sedona

Drivers: Serbousek (3), Gallagher (4), Powell (4)

NOR and Waiver are HERE

Entry fee is $20 per person.  No food is provided.

We will be leaving at 6:45am on Saturday morning from Sehome Haggens to take the 8:50 Edmonds Kingston ferry.

There is a good chance that the regatta is completed in one day and we will return Saturday night.  But if that doesn't happen we will be staying the night down there in housing provided so you will need to bring sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress, etc.  Please also bring extra cash for meals.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Octoberfest Details

Sailors / Parents,

Here are details for this weekend.  Because of the format of this regatta and a limited number of boats, not everyone will get to go, but those not going this weekend will get first priority next weekend.

Cedric and Jack - 29er
Emma - Laser
Cole S - Laser
Max C - Laser
Sammy - Laser (driving sep)
Natalie - Laser (driving sep)
Keenen & Jonas - FJ1 (sail BYC51)
Dillon & Talia - FJ2 (sail BYC52)
Jacob & Bailey - FJ3 (sail BYC 53)
Mira & Leila - FJ4 (sail BYC54)
Nat & Dylan - FJ5 (sail BYC55)
Artemisia & Mike - FJ6 (sai BYC56)
Alternates who will rotate into FJs - Zane B & Maksim

Rogge (3) - Towing 3 boat FJ trailer
Case (3) - Towing 3 boat FJ trailer
Boydstun (3) - Towing 3 boat Laser trailer
Weston (4) - Cartopping 29er
Barrett (6)
We could use one more vehicle to tow a coach boat.

We will meet at Sehome haggens on Saturday morning at 7am.  Carpool from there. 
Saturday after racing we will be staying at the Waldorf school right at SSP.  We do need to pay for it so everyone please bring $10 per person.  Please bring this with you Saturday morning.
Sunday we will race until 3, get awards, pack up and head home.  
Plan also for some boat unloading Sunday evening also so we save time and can get out on the water quick at practice.   

Some of you have already registered which is great.  For the rest, now is the time to register.  For the FJ fleet, only the skipper who is listed first above needs to register.   Use the sail number above when registering. If you are crewing or one of the extras please bring $40 to pay back your skipper.  Registration is at

What to bring:
Sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, all sailing gear, life jacket, wetsuit, $40 for entry, $10 for housing, some extra cash to get breakfast Sunday morning.  

Entry fee covers lunch both days, dinner sat, light meal sunday, a t-shirt, and prizes!  

Boat Loading:
We will be loading FJs Thursday after practice and likely Friday after school.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Regatta Signup!

Next weekend is the Octoberfest regatta in Seattle.  Before I send out details for that event I need everyone to fill out the regatta signup ASAP.  Here are links:

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c