Tuesday, February 28, 2012

book left at practice today

A book was left at practice today called what happened to goodbye.  

Get in touch with me so I can get it back to you.

Scott Wilson

Monday, February 27, 2012

First Practice Tomorrow


Our first practice is tomorrow.  

First reminder:  Dress warm.  It is still very cold outside.  Appropriate warm gear will be required.

Bring any money or forms you need to turn in and bring money if you took a sail bag the other day.

Also, we will be ordering team sweatshirts soon but we need a design.  Sketch a cool design and bring it to practice tomorrow and we will vote on one.

See you all tomorrow,

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS
360.303.1759 c

Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Race - SSP Regatta - Mar 3


First, please fill out this regatta sign-up form ASAP:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDRIYVVMMGU0ei05U01wN0x1dUl3MHc6MQ#gid=0 

Our first regatta is one week from Saturday, Mar 3rd.  It is at SSP in Seattle, a one day regatta, open to everyone.  We will be driving down early on Saturday morning and returning in the evening between 6-9pm.  We will meet at the Sehome Haggens parking lot at 6:45am on Saturday.  Entry fee for the regatta is $15 per person.  A small breakfast and lunch will be provided. Steve and Will have already offered to drive, so I think we have enough seats at this point.

Please fill out the regatta sign-up tonight so I know who is going to this regatta.  Email me if you can not make it for some reason, but remember this is one of the required regattas so attendance is expected by everyone.

This was a really fun regatta last year.  I think this was the one last year when Riley G. went around the course twice and still finished 1st!  

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS
360.303.1759 c

Pre-Season Meeting Recap

Hello Sailors and Parents,

We had our pre-season meeting last night- thank you to all who came! Here is a recap for everyone: (you can find all the forms and most of the information at www.whatcomsailing.com )  

Most all our communication is done via email, so please help us out by responding to emails quickly and make sure we have your current email address.

New Sailors:
Please fill out the forms and checks outlined in the new sailor packet (attached).  Make $150 check out to Whatcom Community Sailing and the $35 check out to WWUAA

Bring these forms with you to the first practice (or you won't be able to sail!)

Returning sailors from the fall do not need to fill out any forms, but you may need to renew your WWUAA membership.  Please do so and bring us a receipt showing it has been renewed.  Returning sailors should also update your medical forms if necessary.

Our first practice is Tuesday Feb 28th. We will practice Tues/Thurs 3:15-6:30 till the end of May.  We will be conducting a swim test and capsize drill for all new sailors. Please bring a wetsuit, towel and warm clothes.  PARENTS- Please help us by scheduling dentist and doctors appointments around these practices.  Practices are held at Lakewood. If you need a carpool, please contact us and we will put you in touch with another sailor from your school.

We require all sailors to have a Type III Coastguard approved lifejacket, a whistle on their life jacket and a wetsuit. There will be days where we will require a wetsuit or you won't be able to sail. We strongly encourage proper gear, such as gloves, booties, and no cotton. On our gear page on the website, we suggest places to buy gear and what kind of gear to get. (Westcoast sailing offers high school students 15% off gear, and free shipping). Please ask us or your fellow sailors what gear we recommend if you have any questions.

Please arrive at practice as soon as possible after school gets out.  8th graders can participate in all regattas on the spring schedule with the exception of national events if we qualify.

Please see our schedule on our website for a schedule of all regattas. We will be more strict this year about going to regattas (and practices). We won't be accepting 'I have homework' or 'I have a big test' as an excuse. You know all the regattas we plan on attending now, so plan accordingly.

REGATTA SIGN UP - Please fill out this regatta sign up form so we know which events you absolutely can not make.  We expect you to attend all regattas, so if you can not make a regatta please come talk to us so we can discuss why.

We are excited to have your sailor on the team, and will be kept very busy organizing practices, regattas and teaching them how to become awesome racers! So, we will need your help! Regatta travel is usually based on parent drivers. We try to reimburse for gas, and food is usually free or very cheap for the weekend. (Provided by the hosting team). Please take a look at the regatta schedule and make note on which regattas you would be able to drive. Also, we have a Fundraising Committee this year. Please let us know if you are interested in being on the committee or helping out! We wouldn't be able to run this team without you!

This year our team is hosting team race district championships.  We are also co-hosting the lakewood regatta on Mar 17th with the WWU team, but the team race event will be much bigger and will need the help of everyone.  There will be around 150 kids for a 3 day event needing housing, lunches, dinners, prizes, and a great regatta.  We will need tons of help from parents and sailors both on and off the water.  We will need plenty of small boats for race committee, judge boats, mark boats, safety boats, etc, so please let me know if you know of one available.  We will be having a planning meeting soon to discuss the event, stay tuned for that email.  Sailors be thinking about good give away items.

Steve Hood and Amy Kashiwa (Liam and Rileys parents), have made some very cool gear bags.  The bags are made of used sails and are perfect for taking gear to regattas.  They are available for purchase for 10 dollars.  We will have the bags at practice.  The following people owe money for the bags you already took: Elsa, Riley G, Miles, Zoe, Christian.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or visit our website for information. We are excited to be starting another season of sailing! See you on the water!

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pre-Season Meeting Wednesday

Sailors and Parents,

Our pre-season meeting is this Wednesday Feb 22nd at 6pm at the Lakewood Lounge.  This meeting is for both sailors and parents, so both please plan on attending. 

We have many important topics to cover including practice and regatta schedules and hosting of a couple regattas this spring.  Please bring copies of your personal calendars so we can make some plans. It will also be a good meeting to attend for new sailors interested in joining the team.  Please pass on this email to anyone you think might want to join.


Attached is the new sailor packet with information and forms to fill out.  Please bring all forms and team fees to this meeting so we can get all that stuff out of the way.

We are super excited about this spring season, can't wait to get out practicing.  See you Wednesday!

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS
360.303.1759 c


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Practice Days Change

Sailors and Parents,

Due to circumstances beyond my control our practices this spring will now be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, not Mon/Wed as I previously told you.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

The WWU team is currently practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but plans to switch the week starting March 12th.  This means we need to practice our first two weeks on Mon & Wed then switch to Tues & Thurs when they switch.  However, I have asked them to make their switch two weeks earlier for simplicity and will hear back after a meeting they are having on Thursday.  I will let you know what they decide.

The website shows the updated practice schedule.  Everything is confirmed starting the week of March 12th, but the two weeks before that may change.  

Again, sorry if this causes problems,

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS
360.303.1759 c

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Re: Spray Top Found

Yes, it belongs to Riley Allsop.  He's been in touch with Jeffrey about the spray top.


On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 8:30 PM, Scott Wilson <whatcomsailing@gmail.com> wrote:
Jeffrey picked up a Gill spray top (grey with red and white stripes) this weekend.  If you forgot yours at Lakewood let me know and we can get it back to you.  Liam or Riley A., could it be yours?

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS

Spray Top Found

Jeffrey picked up a Gill spray top (grey with red and white stripes) this weekend.  If you forgot yours at Lakewood let me know and we can get it back to you.  Liam or Riley A., could it be yours?

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS