Friday, September 29, 2017



This is a waiver for this weekend, please print the attached, fill it out, and bring with you tomorrow.  Don't forget food, warm clothes, and a bailer!

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Oak Harbor Regional Regatta


This Saturday we all head down to Oak Harbor for a one day regional regatta.  Here is the list of who is going: Alejandro, Annika, Artemisia, Ashley, Casey, Cecilia, Cedric, Tor, Dillon, Emma, Felix, Fischer, Forrest, Giselle, Gus, Haley, Ian, Jack, Jacob, Lauren, Leila, Lera, Mallory, Max C, Max S, Mira, Morgan, Nat, Natalie, Peyton, Ria, Tristan, Zac. - 33 total.

Olson - 5
Hood - 4
Weston - 4
Keneipp - 4
Werner - 3
Anders - 3
Jones - 3
Anshus - 3
Wangler - 3

8:15 - Meet at Sehome Haggens
9:30 - Report Time
10:30 - Competitors Meeting
11:00 - First Warning
We will race all day, probably finish up around 5pm, pack up our boats and head home.

Entry Fee:
No Entry Fee, bring your own lunch, snacks, water.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
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Monday, September 18, 2017


Great job this weekend to everyone.  Thank you to everyone who helped get boats down, drive kids, chaperone and coach (Mike).

There was a lot of gear moving between cars this weekend.  If you have gear that is not yours please bring it to practice tomorrow so we can get it back to the right person.  Ria needs hers ASAP if you have it.  She is looking for the following.

  • A sleeping bag in a long, thin black stuff sack
  • A sleeping pad, black, in a bag
  • A folding chair, black and shiny blue, in a bag
  • A grocery bag containing a string of green decorative lights and other things

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Octoberfest Details

Sailors / Parents,

Sorry this email took me so long to get out.  The logistics behind this regatta are complicated. The final team going will be:

Cedric & Lera - 29er
Jack, Natalie S, Ria, Emma P - Lasers
Lauren & Sedona - FJ 1
Gus & Tristan - FJ2
Peyton & Giselle - FJ3
Alejandro & Ashley - FJ4
Casey & Morgan - FJ 5
Nat & Fischer - FJ 6

Zac, Forrest, Dillon will be alternates that will rotate in as crew after each race.  Anyone else who wanted to go but is not on the list will get first priority at the regional regatta in two weeks.

Scott (3 kids) - Towing FJ trailer 1
Powell  (3) - Towing 2 Lasers
Keneipp (4)
Brunzell (4) - Towing Coach boat
Knowles (4) - Towing 2 Lasers and 29er
Sanders (3) 
Baijot (?) - Towing FJ Trailer 2 - Please confirm.

We will meet at Sehome haggens on Saturday morning at 7am.  Carpool from there. 
Saturday after racing we will be staying at the Waldorf school right at SSP.  We do need to pay for it but the charge will only be $5 per person.  Please bring this with you Saturday morning.
Sunday we will race until 3, get awards, pack up and head home.  
Plan also for some boat unloading Sunday evening also so we save time and can get out on the water quick at practice.   

Some of you have already registered which is great.  For the rest, now is the time to register.  For the FJ fleet, only the skipper who is listed first above needs to register.  So Lauren, Gus, Peyton, Alejandro, Casey and Nat you will register your boat.  If you are crewing or one of the extras please bring $40 to pay back your skipper.  Registration is at

What to bring:
Sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, all sailing gear, life jacket, wetsuit, $40 for entry, $5 for housing, some extra cash to get breakfast Sunday morning.  

Entry fee covers lunch both days, dinner sat, light meal sunday, a t-shirt, and prizes!  

Boat Loading:
We will be loading FJs tomorrow at noon at lakewood.  Please come help load.  
If you are sailing a laser or 29er please coordinate with the towing vehicle above to get all your equipment loaded. 

If you have any questions please let me know.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Concussion Baseline Test


New this year everyone needs to get a concussion baseline test.  This way when you get hit in the head we will have a baseline test to compare with.  The test will be performed after school next Wednesday Sep 20th at Sehome in computer labs 109 and 110.   The test will be performed by the Sehome Athletic Trainer Maggie, so please find and check in with her when you get there.  I need everyone to do this test no matter what grade you are in or what school you attend.  Everyone not from Sehome just get there as soon as you can after school.

If you can not make it next Wednesday please let me know.  


Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Monday, September 11, 2017


Parents / Sailors,

This weekend is Octoberfest.  I will be sending out a more detailed email later this week, but to start I need to confirm who is going, boats, driving, etc.  I only need confirmation if any of the following is NOT correct.  ALSO, I am still looking for a place for the team to stay this weekend.  If you have any relatives with a large basement that could hold 25 or so kids please let me know.  Because we have so many that want to go and limited boats, trailers, etc, I don't anticipate everyone being able to attend.  I will let everyone know what the final team is once I work out the details.  Until then, please double check the following lists.

Who wants to go and the boat they plan to sail:
Cedric - 29er
Lera - 29er
Sammy - Own Opti
Jack - Own Laser
Emma P. - Own Laser
Ria- BYC Laser
Nat - Own Laser
Lauren - FJ for everyone below.
Emma B

Mike P (3)
Keneipp (4)
Brunzell (2)
Beatty (3)
Knowles (4)
Weston (4)
Sanders (3)

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Friday, September 8, 2017

Regatta Details

Sailors / Parents,

Our first regatta of the fall season is this weekend. Because we have such a large group, we are going to run the races at Lakewood instead of Bellingham Bay.  This regatta will be relaxed and perfect for newer kids to learn how regattas work.  We will be running the races at Lakewood but we will take part in the dinners and awards Saturday and Sunday evening.  The cost of the regatta has been reduced to $20 per person.  Bring this Saturday morning either cash or check made out to BYC. This covers racing and dinners both evenings.  There will also be regatta t-shirts you can buy at the BYC.  

9:00am Report time at lakewood
9:30am Competitors Meeting
10:15 am First Race
We will race through the day but will end early enough to go down to the BYC after racing for dinner.

What to bring:
Lunch, water bottle, sailing gear, change of clothes, entry fee money, homework if there is no wind, bailer!

Sailors sailing this weekend are:

Gus roelof
Mallory Hood
Natalie Serbousek
Nat Werner
max case
Cedric Keneipp
Jack Knowles
Jacob Weston
Casey Malone
Ian Beatty
Zac Owen
Cecilia Andrews
Peyton Nienaber
Dillon Baijot
Forrest Rehberger
Alejandro Ponce
Tristan Nienaber
Will Seymour
Leila Jones
Mira Anders
Max Suwarno
Emma Burgess
Felix Greening
Ashley Anshus
haley holmgren 

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Regatta SignUp

Sailors and Parents,

Please take a minute tonight or first thing tomorrow to fill out the regatta signup.  The link is at the bottom of the schedule page here:

I need this information so I can plan this weekend and future regattas.  

Also, things that still need to get done:

Need to get cleared with school: Haley, Jack, Lauren, Morgan, Dillon, Sedona, Will

Need to turn in paperwork: Cedric

Team fees needed: Cedric, Artemisia, Will, Giselle

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c