Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rose Bowl Regatta

Sailors & Parents,

We have the opportunity to go to the Rose Bowl regatta in Long Beach CA this year, so I am planning on taking a team of 4-6 sailors.  The regatta is Jan 2-3, but we will fly out Friday the 1st and come back Monday the 4th.  We will stay at a house down in Long Beach.  

I have taken the team to this regatta a few times in the past.  It is a big event that is very competitive.  We will be racing against really good California teams.  There is also a college event running simultaneously, and the colleges give a talk on Saturday night so it is a good time for the upperclassmen to learn about schools and talk to coaches.

The cost will likely be 400-600 per person.  

When choosing who goes to events like this I decide based on four things:

Team Dedication:  Practice and regatta attendance, fundraiser participation, boat loading, etc
Skill: Who would benefit the most from sailing in a competitive fleet?
Seniority:  Are you a freshman or senior?
Responsibility: If I leave you in LA are you going to huddle in a corner and cry or deal with it. Don't worry, I haven't left anyone yet! :)

So please let me know if you would like to be considered.  It's ok if you are from different schools. Unfortunately since this event is less than a month away I need to register and book flights ASAP.  So please let me know if you would like to go by NOON TOMORROW.

Call or email if you need more details,

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS
360.303.1759 c

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Re: Tuesday Rules Talks

Reminder that tonight starts our Tuesday Rules Talks.  6pm at BYC downstairs.  See you then!


On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 5:05 PM, Scott Wilson <> wrote:

Tuesday rules talks are starting up again.  The first one will be in one week on Tuesday Dec 1.  Talks will be from 6-8pm every Tuesday at the BYC in the Ward Room downstairs.

Last year these talks were a big hit.  The talks are more of an organized discussion rather than a lecture.  Each week we focus on one or two rules and look at the basics, definitions that apply, cases, team racing calls, and how you can apply the rule tactically.  We take turns presenting, but everyone contributes.

These talks are good for all ages, kids to adults.  It''s especially good for those who wish to become more advanced racers.  If you are actively racing in high school, college, phrf, Etchells, 505s, Lasers or Scows, these talks are for you!

See you then.