Tuesday, September 27, 2011


September 24 & 25, 2011 Sail Sand Point, Seattle, WA

Another beautiful weekend filled with the full spectrum of wind and weather! Saturday was a hot, sunny day with light breeze. Sunday brought stormy, gusty, rain filled clouds cruising over Lake Washington. Winds ranged from 12-18 mph, with gusts up to 31 mph. Our sailors did awesome- they were still racing competitively in such high breeze! Riley and Ben placed first in the FJ fleet. Robyn placed 2nd in the Northwest Youth Race Circuit, which totals all results from a total of 7 races throughout the summer. Full results have not been posted yet, but we will send those out as soon as we receive them. Good job Whatcom sailors!!

Being towed in on Saturday

Sunday brought better wind...notice carnage in the background as Liam hikes through it

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sailing, San Francisco, Fundraising

Another great job by everyone this weekend in another windy regatta.  Winds yesterday were a steady 15+ mph with gusts as high as 30!  A special congratulations to Robyn who finished 2nd overall in the Northwest Youth Circuit Laser Radial season standings.  We will be posting pictures soon to the blog on our website www.whatcomsailing.com.

We have 2 weekends off from racing before we head back down to Seattle for Cascadia Cup and McCurdy cup.  After that we would like to send some of our varsity sailors to San Francisco to race with some of the top programs in the country.  The regatta we would be attending is held at the San Francisco Yacht Club on November 5th and 6th.  We would leave on Friday Nov 4th and return Monday the 7th.  Preliminary costs look to be around $250-300/per sailor.  We would like to purchase tickets and get everything arranged by the end of the week.  Please discuss with your parents and let us know by the end of the week if you would like to go and can for sure go.  If you have any questions about how an event like this typically works please give us a call and we can chat.

Fundraising Committee - We would like to set up a parent fundraising committee to help us raise money for the program.  If you are interested in helping with this please let us know.  We will have a meeting shortly to discuss potential fundraising opportunities.

Thanks, see you at practice tomorrow!

Mallory & Scott
Coaches - WCS

Friday, September 23, 2011

Octoberfest Details

Sailors and Parents,

Details for this weekend:

We are meeting at the Sehome Haggen parking lot at 7am.  Be on time please.

Drivers - Jo Kaas (towing 2 lasers), Steve Hood (towing 2 lasers), Griffins, Kerseys (towing 2 FJs), and Scott (towing 3 fjs and 1 v15).    WOW 10 BOATS!

Sailors going - Riley A, Liam, Robyn, Miles, Elsa, Elise, Victoria, Kara, Lainey, Zoe, Riley G, Ben, Cassie, Mac, Sawyer, Jay, John, Garrett

BRING: Sleeping bag, Pad, Pillow, Bailer, Electrical Tape, Money for registration ($40), Money for dinner Saturday night and breakfast sunday morning, clothes for both hot and sunny and cold and rainy.

Lunches are provided with registration fees.  We will be going out for dinner Saturday night and for breakfast Sunday morning.  Parents, additional lunches are available for $5.

We are staying at Liam's Grandpas house on capital hill, sleeping on the floor of his downstairs.

On Sunday when we return to Bellingham we will be going straight to Lakewood to unload boats.  Everyone must come and help with this so we can get it done quickly.

See you tomorrow!

Mallory & Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS


Thursday, September 22, 2011


September 17 & 18, 2011 Bellingham Yacht Club, Bellingham, WA

What a wonderful weekend of sailing in all wind conditions! Saturday was a very windy, wavy, challenging day and the team did great! It's getting out in those crazy conditions and surviving that builds your sailing ability quickly! Sailors came off the water soaking wet and exhausted, but with a smile on their faces. Sunday was met with much calmer seas, and near the end of the day, some light wind racing. In the FJ fleet, Robyn and Elsa placed 3rd and Miles and Elise placed 2nd, both going home with some neat prizes! Full results divided by fleet can be found here: http://sailfleet.byc.org/2011/09/17/dale-jepsen-one-design-regatta/ More pictures can be found here: http://janpix.smugmug.com/Boats/2011-DJOD-Regatta/19086649_mwFqmt#1485171752_TLVxpdQ target= and here: https://picasaweb.google.com/104803912432940640237/2011DaleJepsenOneDesignRegatta?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Trailer Needed

We are in need of a trailer to tow 2 lasers down to Seattle this weekend.  If anyone has one we could use please let me know.


Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS
360.303.1759 c

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


September 10&11, 2011 Port Madison Yacht Club, Bainbridge Island, WA

Whatcom Sailing showed up en masse to JAM with 15 sailors filling 9.5 Lasers, Radials and V15s. It was a sunny weekend with light winds. Everyone did very well, and even placed in a couple classes. The Laser class got in 5 races, and Jack Thompson placed 3rd. The V15 fleet got in 7 races; Riley Ghio and Ben Kaas placed 2nd and Miles Johannessen and Elise Chambers placed 1st. Complete results can be found here: http://results.sailwave.com/JAM.htm

Braving the goo
How many sailors does it take...?

Monday, September 19, 2011


Great job this weekend to everyone sailing in some pretty tough conditions.  Just being able to sail in wind and waves like that makes you great sailors.  Good job!

Our next regatta this coming weekend is just down to Sail Sand Point in Seattle.  It is the final regatta of the Northwest Youth Circuit regattas.  We will be sailing v15s, fjs and lasers.  If you have a preference on what you sail please let us know and we will try to accommodate.  Depending on the competition we may sail in just V15s or just FJs.  We will find out what the other teams are sailing. 

We will be meeting at the Sehome haggen parking lot on Saturday morning at 7am and leaving shortly after.  The regatta fee is 40 dollars which includes lunches both days.  You will need to bring 20 dollars or so for dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.  We will also be house camping again, so bring your sleeping bags, pad, and pillow.  That being said, please pack only what you absolutely need so we can keep some room in the cars.  We will be returning on Sunday evening after racing.  

Parents: We need drivers, please let us know if you can drive and or tow boats on a trailer. 

We have the following sailors signed up so far, if you are not on this list and would like to go please let us know asap.

Joshua Pryde
Victoria Clark
john andrews
Jay andrews
Kara Johnson
Mac Cook
Sawyer Griffin
Ben Kaas
Liam Hood
Garrett McHugh
Robyn Lesh
Elsa Balton
Lainey Lesh
Riley Ghio
Zoe Barton
Miles johannessen
Jack Thompson
Nicholas Bourlier
Riley Allsop
Amy Han
Cassie Rea
Elise Chambers

Scott and Mallory
Coaches - WCS
360.303.1759 c

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DJOD Details

First off, great job to everyone down at JAM, we really did well as a team  Here are the results: http://results.sailwave.com/JAM.htm

This weekends regatta is DJOD (Dale Jepson One Design) put on by the Bellingham Yacht Club.  We will be racing out on the bay in FJs, Laser Full and Laser Radials.  

We will be meeting as a team at the Zuanich dock at 8:00am Saturday to rig and launch boats. Racing will go into the late afternoon assuming there is wind and there will be dinner provided in the yacht club after racing.  No lunches are provided on Saturday or Sunday, so pack yourself a lunch.  We will be out in a coach boat and can bring your lunches and water with us.  On Sunday we will meet at the Zuanich dock at 8:30am to rig and launch.  No races will start on Sunday after 2:30pm.  We will need everyone to help load the boats and bring them back to Lakewood Sunday after racing.   Pizza and awards will be at the yacht club Sunday evening.

IMPORTANT: We need everyone to bring your entry fee to practice on Thursday.  Here is a list of who is sailing in what boat and with whom and the amount you owe:

Jack Thompson Laser Full         $47.00
Riley Allsop Radial $40.00
Liam Hood         Radial $47.00
Shannon Mallory BYC FJ 1         $39.50
Kara Johnson BYC FJ 1 on Saturday only $27.50
Victoria Clarke BYC FJ 1 on Sunday Only     $27.50
Miles Johannessen BYC FJ 2 $39.50
Elise Chambers BYC FJ 2 $27.50
Cassie Rea BYC FJ 3 $27.50
Jay Andrews BYC FJ 3 $27.50
Lainey Lesh BYC FJ 4 $39.50
Ben Kaas BYC FJ 4 $27.50
Riley Ghio BYC FJ 5         $27.50
Zoe Barton BYC FJ 5         $27.50
Robyn Lesh BYC FJ 6 $39.50
Elsa Balton BYC FJ 6 $27.50
John Andrews WWU FJ 1 $27.50
Nicholas Bourlier  WWU FJ 1 $27.50
Jeff Biery WWU FJ 2 $27.50
Amy Han WWU FJ 2 $27.50
Garrett McHugh WWU FJ 3 $27.50
Christian Buhler WWU FJ 3        $27.50
Sawyer Griffin WWU FJ  3 $27.50

Scott & Mallory
Coaches - WCS

Friday, September 9, 2011



When registering for DJOD, which you should do tonight, for payment select "pay at door".  To get the early registration fee you need to register and pay by tomorrow, but their registration payment system does not work for half the cost of an FJ, so I am hoping that they will give us the early registration fee when we pay next week.  So select "pay at door" and bring your 27.50 next week.  If for some reason they do not honor our early registration, the team will pay the difference.  But only if you register tonight.  Also this is only for those sailing FJs next weekend, not lasers.

For tomorrow, please be on time at Sehome Haggens at 6:20.  We have to catch an early ferry in Seattle so we will leave without you if you are not on time.  Don't forget your water bottles as it will be very hot this weekend  Its gonna be an awesome regatta.

See you tomorrow,

Scott Wilson
Coach - WCS
360.303.1759 c

JAM Regatta Details

Details for this weekends regatta:

We will be meeting at the Sehome Haggens parking lot on Saturday morning at 6:20am, driving to Seattle with the goal of taking the 8:45 ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge.  We have multiple vehicles driving:

John Thompson towing 2 lasers - 3 passengers
Jim Johannessen towing 2 lasers - 2 passengers
Karen Ghio - 4 passengers
David Bourlier - 4 passengers
Scott - towing v15 and 2 passengers

We have the following sailors going:

Riley Allsop - Laser Radial
Liam Hood - Laser Radial
Jack Thompson - Laser Full
Robyn Lesh - Laser Radial
Miles johannessen - V15
Elise Chambers - V15
Riley Ghio - V15
Zoe Barton - V15
Sawyer Griffin - V15
Nicholas Bourlier - V15
Ben Kaas - V15
Garrett McHugh - V15 
Lainey Lesh - V15 
Victoria Clark - V15
Amy Han - V15

What to bring:
Sailing gear - it will be warm, but bring your base layer and some warm clothes just in case
Life Jacket and wetsuit
Money for registration fees and breakfast - 37.5 for fj racers, 50 for laser sailors.  includes lunch both days and dinner saturday.
water bottle for water during the day
Sleeping bag, pad and pillow 

No racing after 2:30 on Sunday, so we will aim to catch the 4:40 ferry. Cell phones will be available for sailors to call their parents as we get close to Bellingham. Pick up will be at Sehome Haggens.

See you Saturday morning!

Scott & Mallory Wilson
Coaches - WCS

Register now for DJOD


After JAM this weekend the next regatta is DJOD here in Bellingham on September 17th and 18th.  This regatta will be in FJs and Lasers.  Registration costs are $35 for Lasers and $55 for an FJ ($27.50 per person).  This fee includes dinner on Saturday and Sunday, but not lunches, so you will need to bring your own lunch both days.  The registration fee goes up by 5 dollars if not paid after the 10th (Saturday) so please go online and register tonight or tomorrow.  If you have a laser you can sail it with either full rig or radial rig.  If you dont have a laser choose FJ when you register and we will pair you up and assign you a boat.  The BYC is charging a rental fee for FJs and Lasers, but our program will be paying that, so don't pay it personally.  We will be assigning boats and pairs next week, so don't worry about which boat you will be in.  If you have any questions about this regatta before registering please let me know.

Scott & Mallory
Coach - WCS

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Practice Fall 2011

We our first week of practice this week! And what a lovely day it was! After completing the swim test and capsize drill in some of the warmest weather we've seen all year, we got to go sailing! The wind was light, but it was a beautiful day none-the-less. We had 12 boats out on the water; FJs, Alphas and a V15. What a wonderful way to start the season!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

NW Singlehand Champs

Sept. 3&4, 2011 Cascade Locks, OR - 'The Gorge'

We took two sailors, Robyn and Miles, to Oregon to compete for the chance to go to Singlehand Nationals. The Gorge was showing off all weekend, with heavy winds, big waves and high temps. On Saturday, the sailors were postponed on shore as winds gusted above 30 knots for most of the afternoon. Around 4, the fleet hit the water and were able to get in 5 races. On Sunday, sailors were able to get in 5 mores races in breeze ranging from 12-25knots. Excellent job to all the NW sailors for racing in high breeze with tight competition. Results can be found here: http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=4505&show_school=1

Working on their game plan

Challenging conditions to set marks in

Scott making us eggs for breakfast

All in a row and ready to go

Practice Starts Tuesday


We just returned from the Gorge and a great weekend of sailing.  It was 80 degrees and blowing 20 knts most of the weekend.  Miles and Robyn did well in the strong wind and had a great time.
Practice starts on Tuesday!  Come ready to do a short swim test and capsize drill, then sailing.  Bring any money or forms you have not turned in yet.  You must have these in before you can practice.  Practice starts at 3:15 and since there is no school on Tuesday, 8th graders should come at 3:15 also.
Next weekends regatta is JAM down on Bainbridge Island.  We will be leaving Saturday morning early and returning Sunday evening.  We will be staying at a house nearby, so you will need sleeping bag, pad, and pillow.  Registration is 50 for laser and 75 for v15 (35 each), this includes lunch both days and dinner saturday night and pajama bottoms.  You can either sail a laser (radial or full) or v15 at this event.  Charters are limited so let me know what you would prefer to sail.  
A few people have not filled out the regatta sign up form, if you are one of them please do so ASAP. Sign up Form

See you on Tuesday.

Scott and Mallory
Coaches - WCS

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pre-Season Meeting Recap

Hello Sailors!

We had our team meeting last week- thank you to all who came! Here is a recap for everyone, please read through everything: (you can find all the forms and lots of information at www.whatcomsailing.com )

Our primary form of communication with the team and parents is via emails like this.  Please read them and respond quickly to make planning easier.  Also if there is a better email address to contact you please let us know so we can add it.  We would like to have both the sailor and the parents email so both get contacted.
We realize that sailing is not the cheapest sport.  Scholarships are available to those who qualify (on the free-reduced lunch program).  Please contact us if you qualify and pass this information to anyone who may be interested. 

New and Returning Sailors:
Please fill out the following forms (attached are the packets for new and returning sailors):

Code of Conduct
Consent Form
Medical Form
WWU Hold Harmless
WWU Alumni Application (if you are returning sailor and have already renewed your alumni membership then we will need to see your alumni card as proof)

Please include one check for $150 made out to Whatcom Community Sailing and one check for $35 made out to WWUAA. This money covers insurance and cost to use Western boats and use of Lakewood.  The lakewood alumni membership gets the sailor and family usage of the Lakewood facilities.  Each sailor must have his/her own membership. Check the first box in the upper right corner for $35 alumni/friend single.

Bring these forms with you to the first practice (or you won't be able to sail!).  You can also mail them to 720 11th St. #B2, Bellingham, WA 98225

Our first practice is in one week on Tuesday September 6th at 3:15. We will be conducting a swim test and capsize drill for all sailors. Please bring a wetsuit, towel and warm clothes.

We require all sailors to have a Type III Coastguard approved lifejacket, a whistle on their life jacket and a wetsuit. There will be days where we will require a wetsuit or you won't be able to sail. We strongly encourage proper gear, such as gloves, booties, and no cotton. On our gear page on the website, we suggest places to buy gear and what kind of gear to get. (Westcoast sailing offers high school students 15% off gear, and free shipping). Please ask us or your fellow sailors what gear we recommend if you have any questions.

We hold practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-6:30. Practices are held at Lakewood. If you need a carpool, please contact us and we will put you in touch with another sailor from your school.

We know you are dealing with new ending time at school. Because of this, we will expect you to arrive at 4:15. You will still have plenty of time to sail.  Please come ready to change quickly.

8th graders are able to sail at all regattas this fall, with the exception of the very first one in Oregon because it is a district qualifying regatta, with no JV fleet. 

Please see our schedule on our website for a schedule of all regattas. We will be more strict this year about going to regattas (and practices). We won't be accepting 'I have homework' or 'I have a big test' as an excuse. You know all the regattas we plan on attending now, so plan accordingly. The exception to this rule is the very first regatta, because it is a district regatta in Lasers and high winds. The out-of-district traveling regattas (California and Hawaii) are optional due to costs. We feel, and would be backed up by all returning sailors, that regattas are what really makes being on the team fun. We want all sailors to have this experience early in the year. We would like all sailors to attend either JAM or DJOD (the first couple regattas on the list) to see how fun regattas really are! Please fill out this regatta sign up form so we know which regattas you can or can't make.

We are excited to have your sailor on the team, and will be kept very busy organizing practices, regattas and teaching them how to become awesome racers! So, we will need your help! Regatta travel is usually based on parent drivers. We try to reimburse for gas, and food is usually free or very cheap for the weekend. (Provided by the hosting team). Please take a look at the regatta schedule and make note on which regattas you would be able to drive. Also, we are going to set up aFundraising Committee this year. Please let us know if you are interested in being on the committee or helping out! We wouldn't be able to run this team without you!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are excited to be starting another season of sailing! See you on the water!

Scott and Mallory
Coaches - WCS