Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Seattle Regatta Details

This weekend we head down to Seattle for a regatta at Sail Sand Point and Seattle Yacht Club. At Sail Sand Point will be Gold and Silver fleets.  At Seattle Yacht Club will be bronze fleet.  Below are details for each:

Sail Sand Point - Gold and Silver Fleets:
The team going to SSP: Lera, Emma, Cedric, Ria, Nat, Casey, Jacob, Cole S, Lauren, Jack, Natalie, Peyton, Mallory, Alejandro, Artemisia, Tristan, Maddie, Mira, Forrest, Giselle, Sophia. - 21 kids

Drivers to SSP: Serbousek (3), Keneipp (4), Wangler (3) - Need 10 more seats.

Cost: $5 - There is no food provided, but we will be staying at the Waldorf school again so I need to collect $5 from the SSP team to pay for that.  You will also need to bring money for food: lunch on Saturday and money for dinner Sat night, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  We will get pizza or similar Saturday night and stop at Safeway Sunday morning for breakfast and lunch.  

The Sail Sand Point regatta is a two day event.  Racing will end around 3, we will load our boats and return to Bellingham around 7. 

For sleeping Saturday night, please bring sleeping bag, pad, and pillow.  We are sleeping on a gym floor.  Don't bring a giant inflatable mattress.

NOR and Waiver are here.

Seattle Yacht Club - Bronze Fleet:
The team going to SYC: Fischer, Haley, Zac, Max C, Morgan, Madison, Gus, Ajax, Max S, Keller, Dillon, Quentin, Jenna, Warren, Reid - 15 kids

Drivers to SSP: Morrison (2), Vazquez (2), Owen (3) - Need 8 more seats.

Cost: $10 - Food is provided. There is a good taco bar lunch.

The SYC regatta is a one day event.  Racing will end around 5, we will load our boat and return to Bellingham around 7. 

NOR and Waiver are here.

Please make sure you bring the waiver Saturday morning and money.
Both teams will be meeting at the Sehome Haggens at 7:30 AM and carpool from there.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

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