Monday, October 29, 2018

Portland Fall Champs

This weekend is the Portland Regatta.  This is our last regatta of the fall and the fall championship regatta which means it counts towards our overall standings.  The team going is: Cedric, Emma, Jack, Sammy, Ian, Casey, Max C, Artemisia, Dylan Boydstun, Zane B, Natalie S, Mira, Margaret, Fischer, Talia, Leila, Nat W, Tristan, Wyatt, Skye, Forrest, Sedona, Alder, Cole S. - 24 total.

Drivers: Barrett (6), Mantha (4), Sokolik (4), Clarke (6), Nienaber (1), Powell (3) = 24 seats
Scott also driving and towing 3 boats.

Entry Fee = $25, includes lunch both days.  For dinner on Fri, Sat, Sun, and breakfast Sat, Sun we will go out to eat.  Please bring extra money for all 5 of these meals. 

We will be staying with one or two local sailing houses. You will need all the usual sleeping bag, pad, pillow.  PLEASE PACK ONLY ESSENTIALS AS SPACE WILL BE LIMITED IN CARS.

Attached is the NOR/waiver.  Please bring this along with entry fee and bailer!

We will leave on Friday.  Drivers and sailors, let me know if you have any restrictions on when you can leave Friday and we will arrange carpool times.  We will return late on Sunday.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

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