Monday, April 2, 2018

Hood River and Olympia Details

This weekend we have two regattas, one in Olympia and one in Hood River.  

Hood River:
The team going to Hood River: Gus, Reid, Cecilia, Jenna, Lauren, Fischer, Jack, Forrest, Cole S, Maddie, Quentin, Sophia, Alejandro, Ajax, Mira, Max S, Keller, Artemisia - 18

Drivers to Hood River:  Ponce (3), Andrews (3), Scofidio (3), Vazquez (2) - Need 7 more seats.
Vazquez towing.

Cost: $10 - Lunches are provided both days.  You will also need to bring money for dinner Sat night, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  

The regatta is a two day event starting early on Saturday morning so we will need to leave Friday afternoon.  An exact time of departure will be determined.  We will return late Sunday evening.

For sleeping, please bring sleeping bag, pad, and pillow. 

NOR and Waiver are here. 

The team going to Olympia: Cedric, Mallory, Natalie S, Peyton, Giselle, Sammy - 6

Drivers to Olympia: Keneipp (3), Hood (4)

Cost: $10 - Breakfast is provided Sunday.  Bring money for remaining meals and for farmers market lunch.

NOR and Waiver are here. 

Olympia team meet at Haggens at 7:00am on Saturday Morning.

Please make sure you bring the waiver and money.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

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