Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Roche Harbor and Seattle Details

This weekend we have two regattas, one at Roche Harbor and one in Seattle.  Roche Harbor is a two day event and the Seattle regatta is a one day event on Sunday only.  

Seattle - Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center:
The team going to Seattle: Casey, Tristan, Nat, Max S, Max C, Keller, Ale, Giselle, Sammy, Natalie, Ria, Artemisia, Mira, Ajax, Gus, Fischer, Ian, Dillon, Cecillia, Haley, Madison, Payton, Reid, Zac - 24 total

Drivers to Seattle:  Werner (2), Baijot (3), Reardon (3), Knopp (7), Farkas (5), Yuade (3), Scofidio (3)
Knopp towing?

Cost: $10 - No food provided. Bring lunch and snacks.  

The regatta is a one day event starting early on Sunday morning. We will meet at 7:00am at Sehome haggens and depart from there.  Last race is 4, then we will load up boats, return to lakewood to unload them, and back home by 7-8pm.

Bring money, food, bailer!

NOR and Waiver are here. 

Roche Harbor:
The team going to Roche Harbor: Cedric, Mallory, Lera, Emma, Peyton, Lauren, Morgan, Jack, Forrest, Sedona, Jacob, Maddie, Cole, Sophia, Quentin.

Drivers to Roche Harbor: Vazquez (2), Weston (4), Hood (4), Wilson (3)

Cost: $30 - Entry fee includes dinner Saturday plus breakfast and lunch Sunday.  Bring a lunch Saturday.  

We will be staying at the Friday Harbor gym, so bring sleeping pad, bag, pillow, etc.

NOR and Waiver are here.  

Roche Harbor team meet at Haggens at 7:45am on Saturday Morning.

Scott Wilson
Director - Whatcom Sailing
360.303.1759 c

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