Sunday, December 5, 2021

Wreath Pick Up today 4-5pm at CBC

Wreaths are available to pick up between 4-5 pm today at the CBC.  If you or your family member ordered a wreath you will be responsible to get it today and deliver it to them.  Wreaths must be picked up today.

Thank you Scarlet, Michael, and Evan for being there today to distribute the wreaths.  If anyone else can help them that would be great.

Scott Wilson
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Wreath Wrap Up

Message below from Laurie,

Hey Sailing Team Families,

We have more wreaths to sell.  They are gorgeous and handmade by hardworking teens (about 1/3 of the team) who donated three days of their free time to craft them.  
I'm way farther into this than I ever wanted to be and I am asking for help.  I'd love to get this wrapped up today or by the beginning of this week.  This has all been sudden and unplanned because the materials were gifted to us unexpectedly from another sports team.  

The kids made 46 and we have sold 31.  The materials were donated so each wreath is making the team $35.  This is a potential $1600 for something that the hard work has already been done.  These sell themselves when people see them.  

What can you do?

-If you have social media, please make a post about wreaths
-meet folks who have already purchased wreaths at the CBC today for pick up - you choose the time that works best for you
-consider helping deliver wreaths or have your driving age kids hop in to deliver

Reply here or send me a text
Laurie Barrett

Wreaths are $42 and can be ordered with the link below.  Thanks,

Scott Wilson
Whatcom Sailing
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Monday, November 22, 2021

Tuesday Wreath Making


We will be meeting one more time tomorrow to finish up the wreaths. But we could really use more help, if you haven't participated yet please come tomorrow to help.  

Please come to the CBC Boating Center in Fairhaven at 3:45.  
Please bring hand clippers / pruners.
We could also use more decorating items such as holly/berries.


Scott Wilson
Whatcom Sailing
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Monday, November 15, 2021

CBC Virtual Regatta

The Community Boating Center is running a Virtual Regatta tomorrow from 6-8pm.  I am planning to attend so jump online and try to beat me!  More information here and register here. Use code WWUSAILING for 50% off.

Scott Wilson
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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sailing Team Questionnaire


Please fill out this questionnaire to help us plan for the spring.  


Scott Wilson
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Sailing Team - Prepare for Spring

The fall season is officially over, thanks to everyone who helped make the season a success.  We saw some good improvement this season and look forward to the spring season.  Over the off-season we have some ideas to prepare for the spring.  Here are some things we need to take care of:
  1. Winter Boat Storage: Ideally we would like to move the boats into covered storage for the winter to protect them.  If anyone knows of available storage please let me know.  Either way, we will take the masts down and secure the boats for the winter.  I am hoping for a break in the bad weather and then I will ask everyone to help put the boats away for the winter.
  2. 2nd Boat Trailer:  We could use another boat trailer to transport more boats to regattas.  Looking for someone to weld together a trailer just like the one we have.  Let me know if you know someone that can help with this.
  3. Fundraising for Sails and Coach Boat: We have a few purchases we would like to make this offseason and we could use help fundraising for these items.  We would like to buy the second trailer mentioned above, some new race sails, and a new coach boat, as one of ours was stolen midway through the season.  Anyone that can help organize fundraising for these items please let me know.
  4. Spring Schedule: The spring schedule is posted on our website here.  First practice is scheduled for Monday Feb 28th. Consider scheduling tests like the SAT for this winter so they don't conflict with important regattas.  Assuming we have similar numbers as this fall we will continue with one group on M/W and the other T/TH, likely split by schools.
  5. Boat Work:  There is always misc. boat repairs and maintenance that are needed.  If anyone wants to help with this please let me know. 
  6. Other ideas?:  If you have other ideas to make the program better please let me know.

Scott Wilson
Whatcom Sailing
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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Portland Final Details

Here are some final details for this weekend:

First, to do list:
  1. Send me your vaccination, waiver, and hotel money ASAP
  2. Boat loading - We will be loading boats at 9:00am tomorrow morning.  Please everyone meet down at Zuanich at 9am.
  3. Bring a bailer!
Meeting time is 4:00pm at Sehome haggens.  Explorations Academy will be just a bit late as they get out of school right at 4pm.
Since we will be driving down during dinner time, I will leave it to each car to stop when and where they want for food.  We will just plan on meeting at the hotel when you get down to Portland.

Final Drivers:
Parent of:Seats

Final Team:
NatalieEmmaNate NAugustBryceOscar
AlderNate H

Scott Wilson
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